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Chinese Alphabet

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5


2: If you want to write the alphabet characters

Practice Paper (free)

Print this Chinese alphabet grid practice paper page. Use it to practice writing the Chinese alphabet characters.

Just-Add-Water Paper ($$)

Practice writing Chinese alphabet calligraphy anywhere without mess and fuss. Writing or drawing with a brush loaded with clean water appears as dark ink on the “magic” paper (also called Zen or Buddha paper) and then disappears in a few minutes as it dries. Four large sheets for your uninterrupted focused writing. Learn more about Just-Add-Water Calligraphy Practice Kit.

Alphabet Calligraphy ($$)

Use this authentic and complete Chinese calligraphy kit to practice writing Chinese alphabet symbols and any Chinese characters you want. Unlike those decorative or miniature but unusable calligraphy sets sold at many other sites, our calligraphy kit is used by tens of thousands of students in Asia in their Chinese calligraphy classes.

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