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The Chinese Alphabet Letter “X”






父 (fù) Father


When you think of 父 (fù), father, think of an ax. The character has its origin in the word ax. The ancient Chinese pictured a person who uses an ax to chop wood to provide for the family as representing father.


It also looks like two hammers, don’t you think?

Chinese Pinyin Meaning

父 Fù father

母 Mǔ mother

子 Zi son

女 Nǚ daughter

父親 Fùqīn father

母親 Mǔqīn mother

兒子 Érzi son

女兒 Nǚér daughter


親 (Qīn) means parent, relative, close, or intimate. It consists of 亲 (Qīn) and 見 (Jiàn), meaning “see”. The top of 見 (Jiàn) is an eye, 目 (Mù). The simplified form of 親 (Qīn) is 亲 (Qīn). Some people sarcastically say simplified characters are “Relatives that don’t see each other and love without a heart.”


The child character, 兒 (Er), looks like the molar character, 臼 (Jiù), with two little legs. The simplified character of child, 兒 (Er), has only two little legs, ㄦ (Er).

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