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The Chinese Alphabet Letter “L”









心 (xīn) Heart


Picture a partial outline of the heart with three drops of blood.


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一心 (Yīxīn) One heart, meaning people who have the same idea, same heart, or as one.

二心 (Èrxīn) Two hearts, meaning doubt or having another thought.

三心 (Sānxīn) Three hearts, meaning having more doubts, usually when people cannot make up their minds.


忐忑 (Tǎntè) The above character combining with a heart and the under character combining with a heart. Think of the heart beating hard up and down. This two-character word means perturbed or distressed. Your Chinese friends would be very impressed if you know these two characters because quite a number of Chinese don’t even know how to pronounce them!


忍 (Rěn) A knife with a drop of blood above your heart. It means endure.


愛 (Ài) The traditional Chinese character has a heart in it.


The traditional character for love, 愛 (ài), has a top to bottom structure consisting of several parts.


The very top is 爪 (zhǎo), meaning claw. Then 冖 (mì), represents a cover. Then 心 (xīn), meaning heart. The bottom is 夊 (suī), meaning to walk slowly.


Maybe the meaning of love is to capture (claw) and protect (cover) one’s heart and take the time to walk with the person through thick and thin. It’s a great concept, isn’t it?


Our Chinese Phrases To Go app has 20 phrases related to love.

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