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The Chinese Alphabet Letter “E”









三 (sān) Three


Three horizontal lines represent the number three. It’s often written with the top line being the second longest, the middle line the shortest, and the bottom line being the longest.


If you know three, there is no reason you should not also know the Chinese characters for one and two!

Meaning Chinese Pinyin Note

1 一 yī one line

2 二 èr two lines

3 三 sān three lines

4 四 sì a rectangular shape, therefore has "four" sides

5 五 wǔ

6 六 liù

7 七 qī

8 八 bā

9 九 jiǔ

10 十 shí It looks like a cross. Think about "ten" commandments


Remember, we have learned that one of the meanings of 月 (yuè) is month. So 三月 (sān yuè), three and month, the third month, is March.


You can use the above one to ten characters to form:


Meaning Chinese Pinyin

January 一月 Yī yuè

February 二月 Èr yuè

March 三月 Sān yuè

April 四月 Sì yuè

May 五月 Wǔ yuè

June 六月 Liù yuè

July 七月 Qī yuè

August 八月 Bā yuè

September 九月 Jiǔ yuè

October 十月 Shí yuè

November 十一月 Shíyī yuè

December 十二月 Shí'èr yuè

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